Friday, May 30, 2008

"Cottage Charm Giveaway"
This is a handmade clay doll setting in a silver icecream dish..
OK, before ya take off please read what I have posted!!
Oh, and read about my whimsy awards below!!!!!
I will be givin away another suprise gift if you and only if you will leave me your email address to be on my mailing list...
I wont go searching for it so make it a point to put it on your comment...I will not share them with any one else,
(unless its Bill gates and he's offerin ta give away some cash!)
..........Ok back to the giveaway.........
To enter, just leave a comment on this post.....
Be sure to include an email address!!!
This will also enter you into other drawings
but ONLY if you leave your email!!!!
Dont forget to read below about my
"Whimsy Awards"
To be held every month!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Whimsy Awards"
"Whimsy Awards" are handed out to one awsome person each month..
You can pick your favorite Blog Person
just dont pick their nose.. (YucK)!!
to recieve this most flattering award !!
now dont get yer pettislip in a ruffle!!! its comin!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
Just enter your comment and tell us why you think they should win!
We want to know something about who you nominate!!

funny, silly, dumbest, most annoying, cleverest creations....
what ever! Must be posted in the comments section of
the "Whimsy Wishes" blog no later than
~~ the 30th ~~
of each month for the lucky chance of being selected....
The winner will be posted on my blog the first of each month,
with a special awards thank you!!....
They will recieve the soon to be famous "whimsy wand award" Handmade by me!!!
Bear with me as I am still in the process of
DESIGNING this award and will have it posted next week!!
The person you nominate will then be selected by the "Whimsy Awards" commitee....
The commitee consists of 4 judges...
ME,ME & ME (the other voices in my head) & Twinkle Toes,
(my little scottie dog)
yep thats her name aka.... Twinkie...
and announced at the monthly awards show the 1st of each month!!
I will base this award on the cleverest comment for that person nominated...
This Awards Show Nominee list starts now... !!!
You will see a Whimsy Awards link at the
BOTTOM of each of my postings so it will be easy for me to notice them...
They will have their own comment section so please only post in these sections!!!...
You can stop by anytime to leave your nominee and the first winner
will be announced on July 1st....and each month after that on the 1st
So set yer tutus down in front of the comp and boot up!!
get ready for the awards show, get out the snacks, pop popcorn and anything else yer not supose to have leave your comments and cross yer fingers
for your chance to win a special gift as well....
because if the person you nominated wins SO DO YOU!!!..:0)
(Just not a Whimsy Award) :0(

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Whimsy Awards"
Now for Best
Supporting Blogger!!!
and the AWARD goes toooooo!
~Lori Karla~
Take a Bowe!! or is that a Curtsy?
Cheers, Cheers and a Standing Ovation??!!
What?? ~ I Won??SPEECH!!
Oh Goodness, Im not prepared, I wasnt expecting this!!
sniff, sniff, sniff...
A Special Thanks to Whimsy Wishes,
who sent the email that made it all possible!!
and to think I was going to delete it!!
Id like to thank the "Whimsy Awards"!!!!
Thanks to Starbucks for those late night espressos!!
McDonalds for being open 24hrs and the $1 Double Cheese Burger & Fries!!!
Blogger for creating this damn computer site that keeps me up til late hours working my fingers to the nub!! and to all my fans,
Thank you so much!!!
Would you like to nominate someone for a
"Whimsy Award"??
I will be looking for that special someone each month to suprise with this special award!! They will recieve one of my "Whimsy Wands" and
a tribute to them on my blog for all to see
Starting next month !!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet Little Girls Twirling and Whirling,
clap, clap, clap, now up on those toes !
What Little Girl doesn't Dream of being a Ballernia!
I am so drawn to the Whimsical Dance and Unrehearsed Moments. Tutus and Fairy Wands, Ribbons Dancing thru a Ring of Flowers, Innocents and Elegance.
The Fantasy it all Represents.
Inspired by this magical World,
Please enjoy my work and my visions.