Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Hollyhocks & Crows"
LOOK HERE!!! This is to cute to..

Friday, July 25, 2008

clik on picture
Please Check out these NEW PAGES!!!!
Due to family issues I have decided to release some of my pages early and am not going to have an Open House!! I have added links to the sidebar for a few pages for now... Once life is normal I will return and post some of my work.. Thank you to those of you who have stopped by and to those of you who have left me your email I will keep to update you on my return...Others, if you are interested in seeing my personal work and goods I make please leave me your email and I will contact you once I have things made up and ready to sell... I will be doing only one sales page and keeping it very simple!! Thank You Much!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Pages Soon to OPEN!!

Hey ladies!! I want you to all know if you want your blog advertised on my
new pages for my open house ya better let me know Time is running out!! If you dont know how to get me the banner I can go get it off your site if you do then would ya email it to me!! Oh and your site link...This is going to be great because anyone who comes thru will see your banner and folks can even leave comments about it so others will know...
I will never remove it!! ALSO...
Anyone who knows of parties, swaps and giveaways let me know so I can post them as well for free, this is a great way for alot more folks to
learn of these things, and all in one place, you can find out where, who and when!
Those of you who have already expressed wanting to do it I have your info...
Thank you and Come on and JOIN in the fun!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I am soon to open my new pages/shop
"My Blog Hopping page"!!!!
To start things off I will have door prizes.. Door 1, 2, and 3 if your name is drawn you will be able to pick your door so sign up and you will be entered and if you post this grand opening on your blog you will be entered 3 times!! YES, I said 3...Just leave your email and I will do the rest!
This page will have a list of all of the giveaways, parties and swaps that I find or if someone else wants to post one, it will also be a place where you can post your banner for others to find...Folks will also be able to leave comments about these different blogs so others will know what they are all about!! I am positive it will be fun and and great resource for everyone.. Now if you would like to be a part of this page for the big open house send me your blog url and banner and I will get it posted for the opening!!! Anyone having any swaps parties or giveaways let me know, send info and it will get posted as well!!! This is going to be great fun...
My other pages will have free images and then theres my shop til you drop page, All Hallows Eve Page, Supplies & Resources List with a ton of places to buy great items like dresdens, mica, glass glitter and more...some at WHOLESALE prices!!! WOW a ton of great things for you to do and occasional free projects and patterns....Well I have covered most of it and if you want to jump in for the
Open House Let me know...!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Thank you to Robin Birds Nest and Faerie Window for the plug on Whimsy Wishes as well as posting my new URL for my blog...
To those of you who also added my name to thier blogs Thank You!! I will post you as well if you stop by and leave your name!!!!!
A big thanks to Joanne Kennedy!!!
While you are on below about my new
Blog Shop Opening!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

***** ***** *****
I am working on 3 other pages to add to my blog and
will be posting them soon!!
I will offer my Shop of goods to sell...
Free images, Projects, Supplies & Resources and a
Blog page for you to post your Blog Banner,
for all to find also on this page will be a list of all
parties, swaps and giveaways!!!!
One stop to find it all and advertise your blog!!
I should be done in about a week and will
send out email invites for the
*** *** *** *** ***
If you want to be
leave your email to be notified!!

.....Congratulations Ladies......
*** ***
Lisa's Altered Art Winner #1 is...
Lisa's Altered Art Winner # 2 is...

"Esprit * d'Art"

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Leave your email in comments for the drawings!!
****** ******
I have been invited to a
Mad Tea Party!!!

Im Late Im Late..
Woe as me Im late!!
I must hurry as to not upset the Queen!!

As everyone scurried to get to the party on time Alice takes time to help a friend along the way!
Might I be of some assistance to you dear sir she asked..
I am off to the tea shall we go together?
Why yes this would be splendid!!
Arriving late the Queen is less then impressed as to her arrival!!
"OFF WITH THIER HEADS" she shouts!!
OH My What shall I do !!
I can help Alice as a small voice in the distance
breaks into song...
Im a little Tea Pot Short and Stout, Here is my Handle Here is My Spout!!...LA, LA, LA!!
Cheers, Yaeee, Yaeee, Hurah!!! Hurah!!!
Whew, everyone was releaved!! The Queen was so impressed she forgot about her outburst!!

As they all come together and greet new guests the party gets

off to a great start with everyone dressed thier best..

Shall we all dance the small voice shouts,
He takes off his shoes as not to step on any toes..
His dancing skills are a bit rusty!!

Trying to impress the Queen and mend the ill manner of her being late, Alice makes a stop in the kitchen to offer her help with the party,

she explains that she had to assist a guest along the way!.. The Queen was very greatful as to the good deed !

........The Mad Tea Party........

was so much fun and as they all partied into the

night it will be an event to remember!!

The End
******* ******* *******

Story by Tom Foolery & Susie Magoozy

Monday, June 23, 2008

Lisa's Altered Art Giveaway Starts NOW.... 2 WINNERS!!!
Sign Up to WIN!!!
oh and ladies if you post her button on your blog you will get entered into the drawing a 3rd time!!!
SHhhhHhh! dont tell her tho!!!
just leave us a comment..
~~~~~~ Read Below in Red~~~~~~~
in Previous Post!!
button, button whos got the button!???

Sunday, June 22, 2008

"Alisa Noble"
Your a Winner!!!

"Whimsy Wishes"
Sunday June 22nd Giveaway

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lisa's Altered Art Giveaway Starts NOW.... 2 WINNERS!!!

Sign Up to WIN!!!

oh and ladies if you post her button on your blog you will get entered into the drawing a 3rd time!!! SHhhhHhh! dont tell her tho!!!

just leave us a comment..

~~~~~~ Read Below in Red~~~~~~~

button, button whos got the button!???"Lisa's Altered Art"


Have you been looking for great images for your art work??
Have you been scratching your head trying to figure out what is missing from your project?? Well heres the answer! There is a picture for it all!! You will
create until your silly, well mabe not sillier than me but you can try!! Look in the Gallery and see it all, projects to inspire!! Start now and make cards for that special someone for any reason. When your done send her a picture you could wind up in the Gallery!!!

Lisa's design team is busy trying to create new sheets for you to
choose from! You can find girls with wings, Oh how I wish I had those... well duhaaa I want to fly!! with out wings you will find just wings and even an array of birds nests in all sizes and birds to perch on the side royal or not!... She has made it easy for your imagine to run wild! Oh are you at a loss for words?? Not feeling very witty today?? Well, here you will find words and phrases to use for anything you create

Are you looking for a special Vintage photo Well then you wont want to miss out on $1 Wednesday.
You can buy an original photo and add a touch of Vintage Charm!
Auntie Lori would love it!!! **************
Now dont think that it stops here.

She always has new goods coming to keep you creating! Just keep looking in the new section and you will find many new goods to keep you motivated! never forget to think outside the box!! its always fun to try things that dont make sense!

Now if thats not enough, check this out, its all VERY affordable and she has specials you can get

5 sheets for only $6.

Well I havent told you the best! All Collage sheets come in laser print sheets or as digital images and sent by email and you get them NOW! I know for some that instant gratification is a must and for those last min projects when you need it fast!

You can also get images in CD form!
Well I think I have covered about all I can so you need to go to her web site and check out her Goods!! Ok lets go!! I have my purse and I am ready to SHOP!!!

I cant wait to create!!!I

love making pretty things and with Lisa's images I know I will make some wonderful treasures!!!

Oh, and just to make sure you understand all about my terms and the fine print that you can actually read, there is more info for ya in case I missed something!!!

Now Ladies, stop on by and if you wouldnt mind placing my link on your blog that would be grand!!
Be on the look out because "Whimsy Wishes" will be having a giveaway for me and it will be my image sheets as the Giveaway!!

Winner # 1 will be from THE wHIMSY wISHES email list only!

So if your not on it, better leave your email addy..

Winner # 2 will be from the ones who leave comments about LISA'S collage sheet images..

If you leave comment and email you will be in both drawings.

Lisa will be sending you the sheets herself so you will be able to get them how you want them and take your pick from her huge collection!!

Starts NOW - Saturday 28th

2 Winners will be announced at 3:00 on the 28th!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

YOU MUST LEAVE YOUR EMAIL to be in the drawing!!!!!!!!
..........Read below..........
the purpose of this is for my mailing list!!
Little Daisy and Miss Muffie will tell you all about it!!!
Prizes for Sunday 22nd will be posted later tonight!!

"Whimsy Wands & Other Fancies"!!!
Ok guys I dont have time to fiddle around and write anything so here are some pics of a few of my new wands and a little whimsy!! I will add more monday evening...that lonely one , the small one on that cute box isnt finished!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

" Miss Muffie & Little Daisy"

Were back everyone but this time to
The Winner!!!!!
of this first Sunday giveaway....
" Kathy~Vintage Snaps & Scraps "
Please contact me and give me your address and I will mail you all your goodies!!!!
I dont know any of you so it very impartial and my method for choosing is a scroll thru my list with my eyes closed and where I land and clik is it!!
Now for some of you!!!!!
it was a long wait and very tiring to say the least with all you who forgot to leave your email addys, shame, shame!!! I am sorry but you will have to wait until my next giveaway, next Sunday alot of you didnt leave your emails, go look on the postings and see who you are and resubmit for the next giveaway!!!
I will be posting the next Sunday giveaway tonight!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Email giveaway!!!
Please dont forget about the........
email giveaway Sunday the 14th...
You must leave your email address!
Alot of you are leaving comments and want to be in the
giveaway but you are NOT leaving your EMAIL!!!
All details are below..!!!

This is what the winner will receive..
She is made from an old photo...
I used a rubber stamp to make the flower basket she holds...
Her wings are from parchment...
You must leave me your email address!
either by email or on the comments page...
She stands just over 9 "...
ALSO..I am SWEETENING the pot!!
I am also adding these vintage trims and a few other little goodies!!
So if you want your name entered into the drawing more than once ya better send yer friends...
For each name... I will re-enter it for each one, make sure they mention your name!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I saw Red ... Thursday
Well, I couldn't resist trying this...I like doing things funky!
I made this so it would hold candles and its great when lit.. no candles in it right now..I have alot of lamp parts and have made some great lamps and candleliers...

Its kind of a raspberry color but when it is next to my curtains it has a red glow..I love to collect strands of old pearls and the right piece of costume jewelry to drape over it..Right now it is adorned with pearls and Wendy Addison glitter ornaments..
Please dont forget to leave your email for the drawing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I Saw RED!!..Wednesday
This is my cupboard I keep all my fabrics in...
The ORIGINAL color was the aqua and like an idiot a few years ago when I got it I painted it..I am now going to try to remove the red and go back to its original color...My first thing I love to do before crafting is painting and I love to make what ever I paint look VERY old...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Saw RED!!!

When my Grandson drew this adorable picture I had to frame it.!! All of the pictures on my walls are of nothing but my Kids art when they were younger and now my Grandbabies!! Its all down the hallway and here an there on my walls...I work around them as far as any decorating!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

"Cottage Charm Giveaway"
Ok, Ladies are ya ready??..
and the Winner of the sweet little pincushion is......
"Dreams Intertwined"
and now for the email giveaway!!!...the Winner is....
"Bits of Wool"
Please send me your info for shipping!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

"Cottage Charm Giveaway"
This is a handmade clay doll setting in a silver icecream dish..
OK, before ya take off please read what I have posted!!
Oh, and read about my whimsy awards below!!!!!
I will be givin away another suprise gift if you and only if you will leave me your email address to be on my mailing list...
I wont go searching for it so make it a point to put it on your comment...I will not share them with any one else,
(unless its Bill gates and he's offerin ta give away some cash!)
..........Ok back to the giveaway.........
To enter, just leave a comment on this post.....
Be sure to include an email address!!!
This will also enter you into other drawings
but ONLY if you leave your email!!!!
Dont forget to read below about my
"Whimsy Awards"
To be held every month!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Whimsy Awards"
"Whimsy Awards" are handed out to one awsome person each month..
You can pick your favorite Blog Person
just dont pick their nose.. (YucK)!!
to recieve this most flattering award !!
now dont get yer pettislip in a ruffle!!! its comin!!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~
Just enter your comment and tell us why you think they should win!
We want to know something about who you nominate!!

funny, silly, dumbest, most annoying, cleverest creations....
what ever! Must be posted in the comments section of
the "Whimsy Wishes" blog no later than
~~ the 30th ~~
of each month for the lucky chance of being selected....
The winner will be posted on my blog the first of each month,
with a special awards thank you!!....
They will recieve the soon to be famous "whimsy wand award" Handmade by me!!!
Bear with me as I am still in the process of
DESIGNING this award and will have it posted next week!!
The person you nominate will then be selected by the "Whimsy Awards" commitee....
The commitee consists of 4 judges...
ME,ME & ME (the other voices in my head) & Twinkle Toes,
(my little scottie dog)
yep thats her name aka.... Twinkie...
and announced at the monthly awards show the 1st of each month!!
I will base this award on the cleverest comment for that person nominated...
This Awards Show Nominee list starts now... !!!
You will see a Whimsy Awards link at the
BOTTOM of each of my postings so it will be easy for me to notice them...
They will have their own comment section so please only post in these sections!!!...
You can stop by anytime to leave your nominee and the first winner
will be announced on July 1st....and each month after that on the 1st
So set yer tutus down in front of the comp and boot up!!
get ready for the awards show, get out the snacks, pop popcorn and anything else yer not supose to have leave your comments and cross yer fingers
for your chance to win a special gift as well....
because if the person you nominated wins SO DO YOU!!!..:0)
(Just not a Whimsy Award) :0(

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Whimsy Awards"
Now for Best
Supporting Blogger!!!
and the AWARD goes toooooo!
~Lori Karla~
Take a Bowe!! or is that a Curtsy?
Cheers, Cheers and a Standing Ovation??!!
What?? ~ I Won??SPEECH!!
Oh Goodness, Im not prepared, I wasnt expecting this!!
sniff, sniff, sniff...
A Special Thanks to Whimsy Wishes,
who sent the email that made it all possible!!
and to think I was going to delete it!!
Id like to thank the "Whimsy Awards"!!!!
Thanks to Starbucks for those late night espressos!!
McDonalds for being open 24hrs and the $1 Double Cheese Burger & Fries!!!
Blogger for creating this damn computer site that keeps me up til late hours working my fingers to the nub!! and to all my fans,
Thank you so much!!!
Would you like to nominate someone for a
"Whimsy Award"??
I will be looking for that special someone each month to suprise with this special award!! They will recieve one of my "Whimsy Wands" and
a tribute to them on my blog for all to see
Starting next month !!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sweet Little Girls Twirling and Whirling,
clap, clap, clap, now up on those toes !
What Little Girl doesn't Dream of being a Ballernia!
I am so drawn to the Whimsical Dance and Unrehearsed Moments. Tutus and Fairy Wands, Ribbons Dancing thru a Ring of Flowers, Innocents and Elegance.
The Fantasy it all Represents.
Inspired by this magical World,
Please enjoy my work and my visions.