Saturday, June 28, 2008

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I have been invited to a
Mad Tea Party!!!

Im Late Im Late..
Woe as me Im late!!
I must hurry as to not upset the Queen!!

As everyone scurried to get to the party on time Alice takes time to help a friend along the way!
Might I be of some assistance to you dear sir she asked..
I am off to the tea shall we go together?
Why yes this would be splendid!!
Arriving late the Queen is less then impressed as to her arrival!!
"OFF WITH THIER HEADS" she shouts!!
OH My What shall I do !!
I can help Alice as a small voice in the distance
breaks into song...
Im a little Tea Pot Short and Stout, Here is my Handle Here is My Spout!!...LA, LA, LA!!
Cheers, Yaeee, Yaeee, Hurah!!! Hurah!!!
Whew, everyone was releaved!! The Queen was so impressed she forgot about her outburst!!

As they all come together and greet new guests the party gets

off to a great start with everyone dressed thier best..

Shall we all dance the small voice shouts,
He takes off his shoes as not to step on any toes..
His dancing skills are a bit rusty!!

Trying to impress the Queen and mend the ill manner of her being late, Alice makes a stop in the kitchen to offer her help with the party,

she explains that she had to assist a guest along the way!.. The Queen was very greatful as to the good deed !

........The Mad Tea Party........

was so much fun and as they all partied into the

night it will be an event to remember!!

The End
******* ******* *******

Story by Tom Foolery & Susie Magoozy