Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Pages Soon to OPEN!!

Hey ladies!! I want you to all know if you want your blog advertised on my
new pages for my open house ya better let me know Time is running out!! If you dont know how to get me the banner I can go get it off your site if you do then would ya email it to me!! Oh and your site link...This is going to be great because anyone who comes thru will see your banner and folks can even leave comments about it so others will know...
I will never remove it!! ALSO...
Anyone who knows of parties, swaps and giveaways let me know so I can post them as well for free, this is a great way for alot more folks to
learn of these things, and all in one place, you can find out where, who and when!
Those of you who have already expressed wanting to do it I have your info...
Thank you and Come on and JOIN in the fun!!!