Thursday, June 5, 2008

I saw Red ... Thursday
Well, I couldn't resist trying this...I like doing things funky!
I made this so it would hold candles and its great when lit.. no candles in it right now..I have alot of lamp parts and have made some great lamps and candleliers...

Its kind of a raspberry color but when it is next to my curtains it has a red glow..I love to collect strands of old pearls and the right piece of costume jewelry to drape over it..Right now it is adorned with pearls and Wendy Addison glitter ornaments..
Please dont forget to leave your email for the drawing!


Lola Enchanted said...

Hello, I am blown away~your chandelier is just gorgous!!!!!!!
I do things alittle funky as well!

that thing is just beautiful...
I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open in amazement!!!!!~


Lori said...

that looks just gorgeous!!! i love how everything is placed very casually on there, i am very anal and have a hard time doing anything that doesn't look contrived...BRAVO!!!

Michele said...

I love the silver glittery stars you have hanging on the chandelier!! Very cool!!


Anonymous said...

cute idea