Friday, July 25, 2008

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Please Check out these NEW PAGES!!!!
Due to family issues I have decided to release some of my pages early and am not going to have an Open House!! I have added links to the sidebar for a few pages for now... Once life is normal I will return and post some of my work.. Thank you to those of you who have stopped by and to those of you who have left me your email I will keep to update you on my return...Others, if you are interested in seeing my personal work and goods I make please leave me your email and I will contact you once I have things made up and ready to sell... I will be doing only one sales page and keeping it very simple!! Thank You Much!


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I hope everything is ok with your family. I will keep you all in my prayers.


Carol said...

Hope you get things worked out, I am enjoying your pages etc...and the new group you have that I joined. I am still struggling to fit craft/blog time in and learning new some day I will have a banner too???
Love your blog & stuff will list you on my blog very soon too.